Commercial office cleaners make for a healthy workplace

QBEG Cleaning provides Guelph, Kitchener, Cambridge and the surrounding area with professional office cleaning services that are fully bonded and completely affordable. Two of their most requested services are their commercial cleaning service and their post-renovation cleaning service.

In today’s business climate, first impressions are vitally important to impress your customers. Maintaining a clean lobby and reception area is one way to help manage those impressions. A smart manager can help alleviate the stress of cleaning up a busy office by contracting the work to a professional commercial cleaning service like QBEG Cleaning; from emptying wastebaskets and vacuuming carpets and floors to cleaning washrooms and tidying employee common areas, establishing a high standard of workplace cleanliness is a smart move as an employer. When it comes to reducing absenteeism due to sickness, having all the office touch points cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis is also a way to provide your staff with a healthy work environment.

For post-renovation cleaning services, QBEG Cleaning offers a variety of cleaning plans to help ensure you leave no trace of the job behind. Drywall dust, for example, can quickly permeate every corner of a room under construction, especially if proper measures aren’t taken to control dust being blown by fans or through ductwork. Renovations of older buildings can also often result in old, odorous dust and particles being released into the air, blanketing your office spaces, computers and desktops with contaminants. Relying on a commercial office cleaning company is a cost-effective way to ensure the cleaning job is thoroughly completed.

Shutting down your business during work hours to facilitate a complete office cleaning or restoration is a difficult decision that could cost you money. When you contract QBEG Cleaning, you’re working with a company that is available round the clock and willing to work holidays when your office is closed. From ceilings to floors, stairways to elevators, QBEG Cleaning offers complete janitorial cleaning services and post-construction cleanups for your commercial operations.

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