Three ways your facility benefits from commercial cleaning service

Commercial properties have different cleaning needs than small offices or residential customers do, and Qbeg Cleaning in Guelph knows exactly what approach to take.

Commercial properties such as medical offices, apartment complexes, restaurants, fitness facilities, government centres and schools experience a high traffic volume and have specific cleaning requirements that Qbeg’s experienced team understands.

Here’s why you should rely on a professional, fully insured and experienced cleaning company get to work for you:

1. The job will be done right.

Expecting your staff, who were hired to do other duties, to keep your large facility clean just isn’t realistic.

Qbeg Cleaning makes the cleaning process as painless as possible, taking care to do the job efficiently and effectively. Qbeg Cleaning operates 24-7, including on holidays, to provide the flexibility of having affordable commercial cleaning services when they’re most convenient for your property.

They also offer professional carpet cleaning, including spot removal, so that your facility always looks fresh.

2. Cleanliness is a reflection on your company’s high standards.

You want your commercial property to make a welcoming impression on those who visit or spend their days there. A clean facility makes people want to return.

3. A clean workspace is healthier.

It’s important for any commercial property to have brilliantly clean and great-smelling restrooms. Qbeg’s team cleans and disinfects every part of the restroom, from mirrors to urinals.

In addition to obvious cleaning needs, such as mopping floors, dusting and emptying garbage cans, Qbeg Cleaning also takes care to remove dirt and germs from surfaces such as telephones and door handles.

As well as cleaning commercial properties, Qbeg assists homeowners and real estate agents in getting residential properties ready for sale. Sparkling clean windows, freshly washed walls and professionally cleaned carpets provide a positive impression on potential buyers.

Qbeg Cleaning is experienced in comprehensive apartment cleanings to ready units for new tenants, as well as new construction clean-ups, post-construction clean-ups and post-renovation cleaning. With years of experience, Qbeg Cleaning is fully licensed, insured, and available 24/7 so that you can find the services you need quickly. Qbeg also has WSIB clearance and has cleaned for several major companies including Bondfield Construction, Rise Real Estate, Eagle Construction, MJ Dixon Construction and Fusion.

Qbeg is also available to travel for your cleaning needs. For more information or to request a free quote for cleaning in Guelph, Kitchener, Cambridge or the surrounding area, call 519-400-6677.

You can also contact Qbeg Cleaning by email at

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